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  • Love may not be blind--maybe there are just times when you can't bear to look.
  • Puppy love is the dog prelude to a dog's life.
  • When I kiss a girl, I do it the hard way--no lips.
  • Love is the game that's never postponed because of darkness.
  • I knew it was puppy love because her nose was always cold and damp.
  • See those birds in the tree? Know what they're thinking of? Worms.
  • If I ever win the girl of my dreams, what will I do with my wife?
  • It was a case of love at first sight. She first I saw him in his BMW convertible.
  • Love at first sight is possible, but it always pays to take a second look.
  • The cure for love at first sight is second sight.
  • I was alone with my girlfriend when the light went out. Of course, I called the electric company.
  • Love is the feeling that makes a woman make a man make a fool of himself.
  • Love is blind. That's why I use the touch system.
  • Funny how a lady will scream at the sight of a mouse, but thinks nothing of getting into a car with a wolf.
  • I showed her love and affection, I took her to a driven-in movie and let her peek into the other cars.
  • Love is the wine of life, marriage is the morning after.
  • Love is beautiful thing. Too bad people have to get married and spoil it.
  • I don't know much about love. I'm an incubator baby.
  • Cupid makes so many bad shots because he's aiming at the heart and looking at the legs.
  • The things a man says when drunk liquor are never as foolish as those he says when intoxicated with love.
  • All's fair in love and war and they are alike in other ways.

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